Hello Explorer • All you have is now.

• No matter the place. No matter the time.
Defend air, soil, water, and mountains.
But still, defend people harder.

• Time is our only existing tyranny.
You can't ignore time frames.
You can't hack them.
But, you can use them properly.

• Live wherever you dare
For a longer or a shorter amount of time.
Walk on new lands. Repeat new words.
Make sure you'll proudly say "I care, about you",
in every human way.
Use your hands to prove it.
Explore yourself. But not too much.

• Time passes quickly

You do not belong in the past.
You do not belong in any future.
• You belong to now

You will never be free until you regret your own fears.
'Til you can leave both of your hands to others.
Until it becomes comfy enough to feel unprotected.
• Trust the process.

You dont have time for everything.
But everything needs time to evolve.
Keep things worthwhile tight, even if
you have to bleed a little; let everything else go.

• I repeat. Trust the process.

• Use your time to explore.
Your city.
Your mountains.
Unkown rivers & cold bays.
The scars they have left on your skin.
Your breaths.

Silently, this becomes your new reality-loop.
You've just hacked ordinary time limits.
Trust the process.
Learn how to leave. But also learn how to stay.
When you set yourself free of time;
you'll be reborn in an exciting new way

• Repeat the process.

Now, face fear. Accept it. Feel strong.
Then explore more. Feel curious.
Then explore others, deeper.
Feel unprotected. Feel soft.
It is the only path for the innermost safety.
• Protect your skin but never cover it too much.
• Protect your soul but never cover it too much, too.

Your skin is your first warrior. Touch it.
Feels dirty? It has marks? Good job.

Soon you will like it; more and more and more.

Do NOT Self-Care • Explore • Cause all you have is now.


• Designed, Developed & Manufactured in Athens, Greece; by Drops of Greece •